Cliff Drive

Missouri’s only urban scenic byway

The Drive.

At Cliff Drive, you can find nearly five miles of paved road that winds around beautiful rock and forested landscape. Every weekend, the Drive is open only to bikes and pedestrians looking for a unique path that’s conveniently located at the North end of Kansas City, but feels like a whole other world.

The Org. is your resource for all events and groups associated with this unique and thrilling Scenic Byway. Check out ways that Cliff Drive can be your weekend recreation spot any week of the year, and find out about all the groups that join up here at Cliff Drive for their sports, athletic events, and recreational activities, by clicking on Events

Sept. Quarterly Meeting



6:30 pm @ KC Museum

In accordance with Chapter 355 of the Missouri Recised Statutes, public notice is hereby given with regards to organizational bylaws discussion and changes.  

We caught a dumper!

ENORMOUS THANK YOU to Trail Builder Micah who caught a man in the act of dumping on our beloved park a couple weeks ago.

Micah was smart enough to keep his cool and take video and photos of the guy....needless to say, our neighborhood residents and local police department didn't take too kindly to the dumper's attitude.

The man was ticketed and given a notice to appear at the Jackson County Courthouse.  He was also relieved of his work duties since he was on-the-clock for his courier service company (and in uniform and a company vehicle).  The Northeast News has more information on the story:

We are asking all Cliff Drive supporters to attend this dumper's hearing on Monday, December 22 at 9:00 am in Jackson County Court Room H.  Let's show the judge and prosecutor that we will no longer stand for illegal dumping on our historic and beautiful public place.  We hope to see you there!!

Moving forward....

Please see the below Press Release from the Cliff Drive Corridor Management Committee.  We want to thank EVERYONE who took their time to voice their opinions and ideas.  We truly believe this is a win-win for everyone involved.

Mighty MO Disc Golf Tournament

Join Kansas City Flying Disc Club for their last event of the year at Cliff Drive!!

Also, when using the disc golf area or new trails, be aware of each other!!  Stay safe and have fun!!!

We just made a nice $2000 deposit into our account from Urban Dirty. Urban Trail Co. also got $1000 for trail development in KC.  Work will be starting soon on our $15k MDC ecological restoration grant.  Great things are happening, one day at a time!!

We just made a nice $2000 deposit into our account from Urban Dirty. Urban Trail Co. also got $1000 for trail development in KC.  Work will be starting soon on our $15k MDC ecological restoration grant.  Great things are happening, one day at a time!!

Urban Dirty

Only one word can describe the Urban Dirty festival: tremendous.  Great people, great events, great venue.  This is what we want Cliff Drive and Kessler Park to be.

Urban Dirty/Cliff Drive CX Weekend photo dump -->

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Team Colavita/Parisi (Joe Anderson & Levon Weaver)

Roger Harrison

Pete Barth

I want to thank lots of people for making this happen.  First off, my build crew – trails don’t build themselves and they’ve busted their asses getting not just the trails, but the entire park ready for people to enjoy.  Johanna Poppel for driving me around and letting me borrow her car to get the things done I need to so we could pull the weekend off.  Nick Haberberger for the countless hours preparing and serving BBQ to our Saturday evening guests.  Nick also pitched in a good chunk of his own money, along with Aaron Beeman, to make everything happen for dinner, thanks guys!!  Team Colavita/Parisi Kansas City and Volker Bikes for making the weekend’s cyclocross races run smoothly and for donating the proceeds back to Cliff Drive and trails in Kansas City.  Special thanks to Britton & Melissa Kusiak, Dan Oldenhoft, Levon Weaver, John Williams, Josh Burdett, Joe Anderson, Erik Elving, Micah Gordon, Nate Girard, Dylan Medlock, the KU peeps, and the rest of the setup/teardown crew.  The Board of the Cliff Drive Corridor Management Committee for their support and help planning beforehand and execution throughout the weekend.  Ben Reed and Ann Pai of Urban Trail Co. for their help and support in planning beforehand and during Saturday’s events.  Raffle donations from: Damon Guinn, Erin McCandless/In Touch Massage, Jane Gotch/Gyrotonic @ Plaza Wellspring, Jessica Francis Nerad/Starbucks, Will Tucker/Pleasant Breeze Heating & Cooling, Sadie Gardner/Bridging the Gap & Habitat Restore, Will Royster/MidBest Distillery, Rachel Krause/BikeWalkKC, and Garet Steinmetz/Kuat.  Event/ride & race sponsors: Ecological Placemakers, 8 Lumens, Urban Trail Co., Cliff Drive Corridor Management Committee, Earth Riders Mountain Bike Club, Team Colavita/Parisi Kansas City, Volker Bicycles, Family Bicycles, and BikeWalkKC.  Kansas City, MO Parks and Recreation for allowing use of their parkland and hooking us up with restrooms for the weekend.  Everyone who rode or raced with us throughout the weekend.  Theresa Van Ackren of Family Bicycles for leading Sunday's family fun ride.  Northeast neighborhood supporters of our Cliff Drive restoration project:  Michael & Lisa Donnici, Michael Stringer & JC Milbradt, Amanda & Gabe Kranz, Malenda & John Shahane, Jessica & Alan Bossert, Ken & Deborah Richardson, Sam Caloroso, Erin McCandliss & Ed Seifert, Andres March & family, Will Royster & family, Adam Scheiber & family, Beau Bledsoe & family, Tracy Marriott, John F. Gauld V, Jeff Zumsteg & Jeff Linville, Kevin Briggs & JJ Jones, Kenny & Barbara Brede, Jessie Matthews & Chad Johnson, and everyone else that supports us but couldn't make it out this weekend - if you did and I forgot you, I apologize!  Don’t take it personally :)  I'm just tired!!!

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!!  We’ll be back next year bigger and even better!!!!!

New trail map below....enjoy exploring KANSAS CITY'S BACKYARD!!!

Good press lately

We got some good press lately.  Check out the well written KCPT and Pitch articles about Cliff Drive.  The Pitch article made their front page.  We're so pleased to see attention to the Drive spread beyond our neighborhood.


Petition Update

Wow. The response and discussions generated by this one little petition has been truly overwhelming (I haven't gotten much sleep the past few nights between constant switching between email, phone, and facebook communications). Thank you so much.

The Petition -

Your voice and our unified call is being heard loud and clear. We have a few City Councilors and other key local politicians that are going to step up to the plate and go to bat for us. We have a meeting scheduled now with Parks and the surrounding Neighborhood Association presidents to keep hashing out details of how to solve the current unacceptable problems that we fight against everyday in Kessler Park. All of our stakeholder and park user groups are on board. Please keep recruiting your friends, neighbors, family, etc to PLEASE sign this petition.

Unfortunately, the dumping continues as we continue our fight....this photo is from last night near the easternmost gate....

One day at a time we continue to MAKE CLIFF DRIVE THE PLACE TO BE IN 2014!!!

New climbing route, new disc golf holes

Great stuff happen because of great people!!!

Thanks to Dakota and the KC Climbing Club for their work and ENORMOUS thank you to Jack and crew with the KC Flying Disc Golf club.

Reports below....

From Dakota....

Super stoked to say that after a looong eventful effort I have finally established my first new route at Cliff Drive! This is the first new line to go up here in awhile so, all the hype about chossy slimestone goes double. I've ran it a dozen or so times and seem to have pulled the worst of it off. As always, helmets are highly suggested when climbing at CD (or anywhere).

Cliff Drive has a lot of great things going for it as our local crag. Nearly every route has been bolted or rebolted within the last year and a half. The crag and whole park area is cleaner, friendlier, and more accessible than ever ( Brett Shoffner ). And I know, I know, the rock can feel loose and slimy BUT that just makes for strong minds, great footwork and BIG forearms!

The one thing I will admit that CD is lacking are easy/moderate lead routes. It's my hope that with an additional one having gone up that more folks from the community will get psyched on climbing outside. Besides we do call ourselves ROCK climbers right?

Big thanks to Jesse Gross, Jeremy Collins, Sean Burns, Scott Coryell, & the beautiful Corbin Brady for all the guidance and gear!


From Jack.... Folks,

I need help. We are getting closer and closer to being able to use the area that we have been working on, but we need more hands on deck to make it happen.

Right now we have been averaging about 40 hours of work on the course on Saturday making it look better. We really need to have about 70-90 this upcoming weekend to pound it all out and make it accessible for us to use the initial placements.

We are expanding and want to have the holes ready to go soon, but need to have help. In order to do that, we really need to have about 10-15 people come out and help for about 4 hours each. Some of us will stay longer, and that is ok, we can clear it up. The other option will be to have it cover 2 days, where we do some of the work on Saturday and Sunday.

I know that is a lot to ask, but ultimately you want a better course, and I want to help make it for you.

If you can come on Saturday or Sunday, please let me know and I will make a decision by Thursday on whether or not Sunday looks like a good plan.

The following weekend with the MAC will not allow me time to work, though we may have enough started to make it work, then the next weekend will be the clean up weekend in preparation for the Lion's Den Open in which we will be working the hillsides and areas for the LDO. That area should be manageable with about 10-20 hours of volunteer time (hopefully).

So please let me know how you can help, and when you can help. Rakes, shovels, and extra hands are the most needed items, as well as YOUR TIME. That is really what makes this go, we have to cut and remove primarily honeysuckle where we are now, as well as gather up some trash. Overall, it is looking wonderful, and you can you helped and have good karma flow through you.