Cliff Drive

Missouri’s only urban scenic byway

The Drive.

At Cliff Drive, you can find nearly five miles of paved road that winds around beautiful rock and forested landscape. Every weekend, the Drive is open only to bikes and pedestrians looking for a unique path that’s conveniently located at the North end of Kansas City, but feels like a whole other world.

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The Drive.

Situated within historic Kessler Park, established in 1895, the long, linear park stretches from roughly Paseo on the west to Chouteau traffic way on the east. The design and planning effort of the park and byway were an integral part of the evolution and development of Kansas City as a major metropolitan area.


Near the east entrance to Cliff Drive (just west of the intersection of Van Brunt and Gladstone Boulevards), a well established but primitive trail runs along the steep slope which parallels Gladstone Boulevard. The trail travels through a forest of large maples and passes a half-dozen springs issuing from the hillside.


Natural wonders of the drive include limestone bluffs next to steep forested slopes descending to the industrial Missouri River bottoms. A small portion of high quality forest lies between Cliff Drive and Chestnut Trafficway where large trees tower over ferns, wild ginger, Soloman’s seal, dogtooth violet, and many varieties of wildflowers.

Or take to the trails and enjoy the first section of mountain biking trails that just opened

Disc Golf

The course plays around the old municipal reservoir and is one of the highest points in the city. Featuring a mix of long open shots and technical woods(#7-11), this course will take its toll on both your body and your score. Plenty of wind and great views of the city add to the fun. Bring water and a some good footwear for the woods.


Climbing can be found almost in the heart of Kansas City? Too good to be true? Nope, it's the tallest face in KC metro.

Along an old scenic byway, right off the road, limestone can be found. The area is shady, in more ways than one, but it seems to be improving. The rock tends to be smooth, forcing harder grips and improved foot technique. Perfect for training. 


Bring your rod. North Terrace Lake is periodically stocked with channel catfish during summer months.